losers that stop playing when they see they are losing


They are losers, just read something until he´s frustrated enough


What I don't get is how @cybergirl123 's account was recently closed for Abuse but I can still see her forum posts.



seems like you people cant follow the rules? there is timer and rules, if u win while the person let his time runs out then play shorter time games if it annoys u, if the people take long time to think then its their fault, if u always encounter people like that then play against high elo computers. the nasty people that play for long time games and barely move it dosent matter. if their time runs out they are losing, u can get a cup of coffee or whatever u have to do in the house in the meantime if u see that they are taking too long, take some air and come back and check in the game, if they still afk, just ignore it and start a new game, if this repeats then play against computers or just go for blitz games. 


I've never understood the frustration here. When you sign up to a game you commit to the full time scale. If the opponent stops moving they cannot win, which means you'll win, which is the whole point of the game.



come on, I get that it's not the worst thing in the world but to take this "relax, what's the problem?" attitude is being completely obtuse.


It's clearly an inconvenience to anyone that's ever had to suffer it and it's obviously completely against the principals of sporting behavior. If everyone did this it would be a huge problem, putting people off using the site, so considering steps to stop anyone do it is just common sense.