Magnus Carlsen Vs. Deep Blue v2


So like everyone else I recently got a message informing me of the Magnus Carlsen vs. the World. I thought to myself that does sound interesting but I think good ol Magnus should go up against a newer or updated version of IBMs DEEP BLUE. Just thought I would put this out there and see what everyone had to say. What do you think would happen? Would it be a multitude of games that are draws or would Magnus pull through?

IBM should come out the closet already if they ever want to attain anyones respect. Especially after the shady events of the kasparov game. I would love to see Magnus mop the floor with them. But alas, tis a dream that probably won't come true.

That'd be great if they could play each other. I'd love to see that.

IBM is done with computer chess seeing as they had to cheat to beat Kasparov. Why else would they lock it away and never use it again...


 I would have to agree with you there anthony.


I think raw man vs machine games in chess now are not interesting anymore because the silicon beasts are just so strong and they play in such a dry way. 

What would be more interesting would be if computers could analyse games of a particular player and build a personality based on that player which was really accurate, not just the opening repertoire but the playing style and personallity. Then we could simulate something like Carlsen vs Alekhine :D


Does Magnus Carlsen want to lose?


I'd say Carlson's fighting spirit, will to win, and youthful energy will ultimately pull him ahead of the cold and calculating machine.  There is something humans have that machines don't, and that's heart. 


Kasparov was upset at the upset.

To the extent he was unable to see any games played by the final version before the match, it was unfair.  But it was arrogance that allowed him to ignore that going in, he should have insisted - after all, all of his games were on the record.


Really? That would be the most legendary game of all time. This must happen