Major Lag


This is ridiculous. shows 242 MBs down and ~80Mbs up, but I still saw 8-10 second drops on PREMOVES with someone from Azerbaijan ... wtf.


we're in general agreement here WRT major lag.


Continuously seeing this issue. I have fiber internet. shows 411MB down and 464MB up ... yes that is extremely fast. However, my clock drops by 10 sec after I see the other player's move.

Here is the latest game where I was bitten by this.

I am seriously considering canceling my diamond membership and going elsewhere


Have you scout latency? 



You should do an actual screen recording of it in real time.


I have two accounts, 100 meg internet, use cable connection, can download 2.7gig movies in less than 5 minutes, but I cannot place a bishop on a square against an Indian or Iranian, in less than 20 secs. Lag is ridiculous, and it loses me maybe 1 minute out of a 3 min game.

Try refreshing during game, and even restarting the browser, it will save many points



You need to redo the advertising for sure. It has about 60000% too much "telemetry". just create your own ad platform and only support low bandwidth ads. you'll make more money too - no middle man. ppc syndication stopped being a good idea a while back. Yeah, I just inspected the page for about 15 seconds. '' is completely screwing the responsiveness, tons of redundancy and frequent reloads - they are probably trying really hard to detect click fraud. different ads will probably make a ton of difference


When you move,  your opponent's clock doesn't start counting down and yet a new video advert appears on screen meh.png All of a sudden you have 5 seconds left.

Live Chess is close to unplayable for me on this site.

Though I have an old computer and free membership so can't complain too much.