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MEEBO toolbar at bottom of page

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    Hello anyone else have this problem? Yesterday I upgraded to premium membership and this MEEBO toolbar keeps appearing at the bottom of the screen pestering me with facebook links and such.

    Also, it slows down navigation at the site. There's a delay and I see on the event window "waiting for meebo" and so on.

    I googled it and it said the best way to get rid of meebo is to ask the site hosting it to get rid of it. 


    Please chess.com, get rid of the meebo toolbar?  One of the reasons I got premium membership was so I don't have to put up with this garbage.


    Thank you,

    Jessica Fischer

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    Go to HOME -> Profile -> privay Settings (down at the bottom right). Change "chat bar" setting to "never show" or smth like that. I think that should help.

    Alternatively, if you're using firefox you can also kill it using a plugin like noscript, and just don't allow meebo.com. You'll have to actively enable all the other chess.com sub-servers though in order to make the site still work - I wouldn't recommend this though unless you're comfortable with that kind of thing.

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    I never see the meebo toolbar and I never asked chess.com to get rid of it, ergo the answer you got via Google is BS. Try looking again instead of just believing the first bozo answer you come across (like mine for instance) AND tell us what browser and OS you're using. I don't remember how I got rid of it but I think a decent ad-blocker would do the trick, which you can add to your browser as an "add-on" or "extension."

    If you're using windows go to control panel - add/remove programs and if meebo is listed there just uninstall it. If it isn't listed there do a search for it on Drive C inc system files and sub-directories and delete it although this should be a last-ditch solution. First try using an ad blocker instead!


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    Metastable and NimzoRoy


    Thank you so much!  Problem: SOLVED, thanks to you guys. 

    I think what happened was that when I upgraded my account, my privacy settings went back to "default" or something like that. At any rate, I manually customized the settings so the MEEBO is gone now.


    NimzoRoy- the MEEBO  is indeed allowed by chess.com- at least if you come here on Google chrome it shows up. Chess.com could block it from source if they wanted. However, some people like to use these share-bars, so I guess chess.com allows it, but gives us the option to disable it. Thanks Metastable for giving me the instructions on how to do that-  You just go to settings- privacy- block chat bar always, as you said.


    Thanks gentlemen!

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    Another big thankyou shoutout.  You don't realize how much something  used to annoy you until it's gone.  

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    baddogno yes this site is great for the member help eh? Every time I've had a problem or a question, members come in to answer. 


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