in long unrated games i tend to do my best to mimick their misclick to try to even the game out again. for example, if their king accidently moves 1 space instead of castling, i do the same Smile


The only real way to mitigate this is for the engineers to force you to drag and drop your pieces as you would in real life chess.


If the game is early enough and a person requests a draw due to a misclick, it can only be good sportsmanship to give them the benefit of the doubt and accept a draw offer.


The player that says "resign and then we'll rematch" after a misclick (aka, a recent opponent of mine) deserves to be blocked because there is no such thing as a misclick in real life chess.


More on proper chess etiquette? I can touch every piece on the board and not be obligated to move the piece I touch. So what's up with that?


Lot of whining


Lol @ the amount of absolute tryhards on this thread.  I just had a game where i was winning and misclicked costing me the game.  It’s not always so easy to click the right space with giant thumbs on a tiny phone.  Anyone who thinks that exploiting a misclick tho is an extremely pathetic individual as it has nothing to do with the spirit of chess and everything to do with being lame and desperate for a higher score that you don’t even deserve.


My .02 to this very very old thread, is it's an obvious misclick (mis-castling, etc), then take the draw if requested. Make the world a nicer place and pay it forward. Does your rating on mean so very much to you? if so, sad. Take the draw. 


I did a misclick while my pawn was g6 his knight on f8 on g6 if knight attacks pawn rook on g8 would capture it as there is on escape for knight and if knight is gone both side end up a rook and king obviously which would mostly end in draw but I moved it to g7 (misclick) although I managed to get that game to a draw, the guy ( @Clone_A) " was greedily capitalize on it " as @Farland said. link:


I feel if something like a "take back button" was available that would be beneficial. Like especially at the beginning if you misclick a castle, I would be happy to offer people a draw. Its something that was an accident and what your playing against if you continue isn't a fair game.


No Mercy!

All right; with friends/unrated chess, then I might offer them to "undo" the misclick by them agreeing to moving back the piece (assuming it wasn't a pawn move or capture) while I waste a move and then shuffle back so that the position repeats. 

As for rated chess, no mercy. Not that it is brutally savage in rated, but simply put: everyone will likely misclick about the same amount long-term and so it balances. Your opponents may not be as forgiving when you misclick, so you are just throwing rating away by helping them salvage a draw.

electricpawn wrote:

There are "misclicks" when you play OTB. Most games are touch move.

This is an excellent point. games aren't "touch move" (you can click various pieces and drag them around, as long as you don't release the mouse button), so the number of "misclicks" in both online and OTB forms are probably about the same.  You made me re-assess my frustration at my own misclicks, because I also tend to make "touch-move" mistakes in OTB.


Yes, it is good sportsmanship, but remember, there are only a very few out there like you, most of them want to win, and when they see you misclick, it seems like a "no-brainer" to them to capitalize on it. 


That is not very good sportsmanship, I understand you mouseslipped, but it is still wrong to let your time run out..


Known fact: We get angry and upset when this happens.

Lesser known fact: We are angry and upset at ourselves, not our opponent.


It can feel rather silly winning a close game because of a missclick. A takeback option would be nice.


I scoured the archives just for this.

God, I just played a rapid game with an Italian wherein I was strongly leading, having faked them into blundering their queen by letting their pawn capture my knight.

Then, courtesy of my forsakenly fidgeting finger, I end up tragically misclicking my own queen into their rook's line of fire. And we all know how this story ends.

Goodbye my dear Rapid Elo... cry