Mission 2k Rapid


Hello everyone, I am a 13 year old chess player who has been playing for years now.

I have a tournament Rapid tournament in 3 days. In the past few days, I have crossed 1900 and have achieved my peak several times.

At the time of writing this, I am at my peak, 1969 Rapid.

At the start of the year, I set myself an ambitious goal, 2100 Rapid. I was 1800 at the time.

However, my exams came along, so I couldn't play chess for a while and was not focused.

I wasted 3-4 months which I very much regret now. However, the past is the past.

In April-May, during my vacations, I came down to the 1750s, losing games left and right.

and then

I had a comeback....(Around this time, I moved from India to Ireland, so I hot 5 months of vacations which I am enjoying now!

My rating exploded to the 1900s and my hard work was finally paying off.

With my prep for a rapid tourney OTB(its in 3 days) intensifying, my rating increased to 1969.....

I wanted 2k before the tourney, but I concluded that it would be rushed which I don't want to do.

So, tell me tips in order to make that final push to 2k.

(I want to achieve 2100 too later)



Just trust your intuition and the rest will do itself



There is a big chance that the tournament will make you better that 2000 will come naturally. To hit 2100 later i suggest you to keep working on every part on your game and not being complacent. I would not be surprised at all if you hit 2100 or even 2200 by the end of this year assuming you do things right.
Good luck!

appreciate it tks


btw the tourney is 15 + 10 rapid format 7 rounds, and there are many 1900s fide


I would suggest you work on your calculation this did work for me..👍👍


Great DO WELL!