Most Toxic Players Based off Opening Choice

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London player here sukkot

It's Hanukkah now. not Sukkot.

Sorry don’t know what I was thinking. Sukkot was in September 

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not sure specifically, but KID players tend to really really hate losing, while Slav players accept defeat more easily

I do play the Semi-Slav and I really hate it when I don't get a Botvinnik Semi-Slav. They will not play a good move but I still lose to it anyway but when they play an actual Botvinnik, I win most of the time.

White knows that people want a Botvinnik and that they're likely to know it above about 1700. Therefore, they play something else. For instance, how well do you know the play after
d4 d5, c4 e6, Nc3 c6, e4 de, Nxe4 Bb4+, Bd2 Qxd4, Bxb4 Qxe4+, Be2
That's an interesting, attacking line too, although taking on g2 with the Q is a bit dodgy for black, who should develop. Otherwise, white has any number of slower systems against the Semi-Slav which gain white a small advantage. For instance, the Meran. How well do you know that? Black has at least three major variations to choose from. Also, white can just develop and keep a small edge.

Interesting setup. I did face it twice winning one and drawing the other. But on Lichess, I'm 1900 blitz on Lichess which is about 1750 blitz on and people still don't play it. The only time I was able to play to the mainline was when I played Lefong but that was when I setup the position for him to play

Those who play Qxd4 with white, against Sicilian. I can’t understand why they do so, since they play e4 initially means they want to play aggressive game and active and tactical, then such a move can easily turn into exchange of everything and play based on the pawn structure without many pieces left (positional endgame).