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most useless chess item that you own

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    Chess set... No one to play in San Dimas, CA

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    In San Dimas or any place else:

    Go to any Starbucks get your drink, set up your chess board, someone will sit down and play you a game.

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    My mind

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    Ziryab wrote:

    I have a bag of headless knights.

    Also known as the "Headless Horsemen" Laughing

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    The four horseman of the apocalypse are all headless. Magnus is pressing.

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    My Zesty Ziryab,

    That sounds so, well, shall I say intriguing ?    

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    billwall wrote:

    A signed chess book by George Koltanowski.  A Koltanowski book is more valuable if not signed.

    That comment made me laugh, so I had to look up who the guy was.

    It sounds like he was an impressive blindfold player; maybe his books are meant to be read blindfolded, too? Wink

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    billwall wrote:

    A signed chess book by George Koltanowski.  A Koltanowski book is more valuable if not signed.

    What is the title of the book? It it's "The Adventures of a Chess Master" If you don't care for the book I would be happy to take it off your hands.

    Kolty was my coach and my friend in San Francisco when I was a teenager.

    I wrote a little about him in my profile.

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    linuxblue1: Posted the Koltanowski game video.

    Thanks for posting the video.

    George Koltanowski played that game at Antwerp, Belgium in 1923 when he was twenty years old. It was in a eight game blindfold exhibition for his club. His opponent was A, Dunkelblum a friend from his chess club.

    The finish was the same as in the game between Reti and Tartakover which arose out of the French Defense.

    Geo would always say that for some reason he could see the pieces better when he played blindfolded.

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    baddogno wrote:

    I have a baseball set. 

    we know. and we know you haven't opened it yet and posted pics online yetLaughing

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    My chess board because I don't know anybody to actually play

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    I actually have one useless chess item. It's a analog chess clock that has a red flag missing.

    So it just sits on my dresser and looks at me. I have been hunting another broken chess clock that I could steal a flag from to make it complete. I can't find where to order one, even on Google.

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    I don't own anything useless.

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    I don't own anything useless.

    - - - - - - - - -

    Yes you do have something that is useless.

    You have many games that you lost with very few moves made.

    They are in your profile list of games.


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    A suimate solver.

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    Useless... that huge chess puzzle book by old man Polgar.


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