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Move Notation for Rapid Chess

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    For those who participate in OTB rapid tournament (25 min below, with or without increment), do you still manage to notate most of your move for home analysis?

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    Last time I took notes until I felt it was running out of time, and managed to register 90 percent of the moves, i think. Useful, definitely!

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    Yes, I record Rapid games.  Since there is no "time control" to meet, though, if I get down to under five minutes or so, I stop if behind on time, and try to reconstruct the missing moves later.

    That rarely happens, though.

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    Thanks for the feedback guys.

    Now I know its possible.

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    Ok, I stand corrected: It's move recording not notation.Wink

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    yes, I do record OTB rapid games.

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    I record games, if I have 2mins left I record in my opponents time.

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    When really immersed in a game, it is usually possible for me to remember games that I have played for a short period of time. Then I can record them after the game. If the time control was 15+ mins for the game, and it wasn't too long or too quiet, then usually I can memorize it.

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    I really want google glass for such things.


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