Multiplayer online Analisys Board


I am looking for multiplayer online Analisys board, similar to one featured here under RESOURCES.

I need a tool that would allow my friend to explain some things to my son over the intenet. Ideally this tool would have on the screen, audio and video chat.


Anyone??!??! Please help! I am desperate here.





we already have this. it's called "Live Analysis Board" in Live Chess. it can work with teachers and students where they can see the moves, share moves, even do voice chat!


Oops.  Didn't realize that already had it.  The last time this came up in this thread on Multiplayer chess analysis software, it was still in the planning stages.


Gosh, THank you so much!!!! i spent hours searching for that. I need to share it with my son's teacher, so they can start using it. Thanks a lot again!!!!!