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    I very much appreciate the work done, here!  Very good and instructive stuff.  I sure hope folks listen to the sound advice.  :)

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    These are by far the best chess videos created on youtube. NM aww-Rats spends countless hours trying to make these very informative and helpful for us and his hard work really has paid off. In the last month or so since he has been working on these videos, I have found a deeper understanding in all aspects of chess. Its a great opportunity for any one to learn and get to the NM level! If you want to get easy updates on when his new videos come out, just join the group and we will send out news so that you will be aware of his new videos! 

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    Appreciate your efforts! :)

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    Also, as NM aww-rats mentioned, if you need a coach to help you speed up your improvement process, feel free to contact me. I am available throughout the week for lessons and I can help you improve :)

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    Keep up the good work!

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    Thanks so much for the lessons! There are really good.

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    I am getting benefit by going through these lessons.  It is nice that I can replay them and continue to study them.  Looking forward to all future additions...

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    We'll all be masters before you know it. Laughing

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    I have got through first 2 lessons yet and I found it really helpful. Thank you for all the work you have done!

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    I very much appreciate the work done here!  Very good and instructive stuff.  Lots of benefit by going through these lessons.  It is nice that I can replay them and continue to study them again and again.  Looking forward to all future additions...Soon the student will beat the Master. ha

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    Great videos , very informative and helpful

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    Posting to bookmark the thread, will check out the lessons later, cheers.

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    I really appreciate your work!! thank you very much!!

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    truely a heaven send for us amatures who only dreamed of master teaching from there heart and not for there paycheck.Smile

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    Another lesson will be coming out tomorrow :D

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    thank you much, the only thing I need help with is Calculation, I play purely by intuition, and it helps to a degree, but sometimes I miss the obvious going for a plan or in most cases, just missing a line of sight that really hems up my whole plan

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    Calculation is a key theme. Im sure he will include a video on it

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    Hi everyone. I'm relatively new to the game of chess, and only started playing "seriously" when I joined last November.

    I’m surprise at how the bug has caught me; I enjoy the game so much, except the losing.

    I usually play chess by the seat of my pants, I don't play with a plan, and my game is more reactionary and at times erratic, and this is affecting the outcome of my games.

    Sure anyone can win a game here and there, and if one is lucky enough may even be able to beat a player who has a higher rating, just because they themselves may have had a bad day.

    I have been wondering which books to buy in order to study and improve my chess game, which is a minefield in itself, there are so many to choose from.

    Anyway, getting back to the point, I have looked at 3 of the videos by Aww-Rats, and I found them to be very eye opening. In fact, I have been awakened to the floors in my own game. I know my game won't improve over night, but I do feel that the videos so far have given me a greater insight into the game of chess. So all I have to do now is complete the video course, follow what has been said, and then go forth and conquer.

    This is going to take some time, but if one is serious about wanting to improve ones game, then the videos are a must see. And they have been given to each and every one of us for free. So now, I don’t need to worry about which book to buy, for now I think I have the best chess lessons from Aww-Rats. And I’d just like to thank him for imparting his knowledge and wisdom to me. Thanks Rats. 

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