New Neural Network Engine probably stronger than Leela in TCEC season 13.


In next coming week, TCEC will be hosting neural network engines with 2x1080Ti GPU, and there will be two or three neural network engines participating in TCEC.


As we all know that Leela is a successful well known Neural Network engine , after A0. Mystery come, what else are the other new NN engines.  Rumours say that Tencent chinese company has already developed a NN engine much stronger than Leela. (Tencent already has top 5 Go Neural Network engine-Phoenix).


What about the third NN engines? 

A0- unlikely

Facebook NN engine( they already have top 5 Go NN Go engine- Elf)- not sure

Komodo group- unlikely


What else, I dont know.






Will be very interesting to watch them both progress through the divisions; to see how far they will advance (if at all) through the competition, as a new paradigm. It'll certainly be exciting too - a lot of unknowns (DeusX ?) at play - though I will be invested in seeing Leela win out. 


Well, there is extreme high possibility that Deus X authour is Deep Junior Authour, Shay Bushinsky. ... /view/2255