no blunder, no mistake, no inaccuracy, how often do you have these games ?


just had my first no mistakes, no blunders, no inaccuracy game  happy.png (yey) and wondering, does this happen more often as you get to higher levels? or will you always normally make errors? i'm 1100 for context

How many moves?
Happened to me once

If the game finish after few moves... Yes....

If the game is normal/long game, never happened grin.png


Once in a blue moon


I have been as high as 1600s and yet I rarely if ever, play a game where the computer doesn't point out inaccuracies and mistakes and blunders.


about once in 10-15 games. i play 10 min


The basic analysis sucks, open up the analysis and let it run for longer to see what lines its missing on moves you think might be mistakes that didnt get caught.  its really only good for blunders or missed tactics that dont involve hard to see sacs.  Even good positional moves will be marked as mistakes with the basic analysis sometimes.  Latvian gambit as black is marked as a mistake, not sure with the deep analysis if it goes down though.



YureaLily a écrit :

about once in 10-15 games. i play 10 min

Really , that's impressive. What analysis are you using fast, medium or Auto (that doesn't show inaccuracies)?


Once in a blue moon!


fast. also my opponent played pretty bad



You continue to make errors (only now they no longer hang stuff nearly so much). happy.png


I once had a game in which every single move was the best move.... It was only 8 moves long, though grin.png

I see the OP never answered the question of how many move did your opponent go with no mistakes, blunders or inaccuracies

had today such a game. looked up his games one after the other all perfect moves. 3 weeks ago he was still losing to 900s in 10 minute time control. so I reported the guy... Will see if they take care of cheaters. so far no1 got back to me and that account continued on smashing ppl further with his engine.

LouStule wrote:
I see the OP never answered the question of how many move did your opponent go with no mistakes, blunders or inaccuracies

 sorry for the long reply just been busy today, it was a 44 move game in total so 22 moves each. i was black, i had 19 excellent and 3 great my opponent blundered early in the game losing his queen which admittedly must of helped me play well.

staples13’s engine analysis is in my opinion very generous with what it labels inaccuracies, mistakes, and blunder. Like I remember one time I straight up hung my queen just blatantly moved it en prise and’s analysis only called it an inaccuracy


Yeah, you shouldn't feel delight at an "error-free" game (as though you just bowled a 300), but relief that you didn't hang anything (at least not this time). happy.png  And now the really hard part begins:  you've got to figure out how to win a game when nobody's dropping stuff...