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No Timeouts = Timeout Increase ????

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    I come back to chess.com after a while, my timeout ratio being 18%. I play and finish a few games, so, great, my timeout ratio will decrease, so I can play in a tournament, right? WRONG. Instead my timeout ratio increases to 20%. Can anybody explain why this is happening?

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    its for the last 90 days, so its possible to go up after you complete games since the time it takes to play those games shifts the 90 days. If you just finished 5 games in 5 days then your timeout ratio can still go up if the first 5 days of the 90 days had 10 games completed during it. Easy thing to do is just do not time out ;)

  • #3

    Does this only apply to your 'online games'?

    Do 'live tournament' games played during a period factor in?

  • #4

    This is only for online games.

  • #5

    I see. It should be cleared up within the next two weeks or so, then.

  • #6

    as long as you are finishing games a lot then it will go down pretty quick

  • #7

    Been at it for a week with no timeouts, but my ratio is now 24%.Frown

  • #8

    Contacting Chess.com is not necessary. The timeout ratio will fluctuate as the 90-day period fluctuates (MichaelPorcelli). Provided no additional games are lost on time for a full 90 days, the ratio will decrease to 0%.

  • #9

    It's finally decreasing. Cool

  • #10

    It's down to 16% but three weeks seems like too long of a wait...

  • #11

    Yep. My timeout ratio was once 11% and in 3 weeks it only became 9% (not complaining!)


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