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noob refuses to resign

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    Well, I wish my opponents right now would resign faster. 

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    what happened to master keem? did somebody finally shoot him dead for street hustling, inshallah

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     He resigned.

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    ^ Worse... He blundered his queen and then resigned
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    and had to pay $8 for this

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    CookedQueen wrote:


    and had to pay $8 for this

    he's probably in jail over 8 bucks hahaha
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    Just a thought.  If you are playing in daily game team matches, your board is determined by rating and you usually have signed up to play in the tournament in advance.  If you resign a game before that tournament begins, you will drop down to a lower board and play a lower ranked player.  Personally, I'd rather face a higher ranked player, so I could see stretching a lost game out for a week until my next tournament starts.

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    lol im playing a guy where i have 2 queens against a king, and he still wants to go on. My suggestion that he should resign made him go on a cursing spree grin.png.

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    kaynight wrote:

    Don't suggest then. His game too.


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    I have...it's just the time difference.

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    sometimes the will to continue to play on gives you a win or a draw. play to win, even when losing

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    No rematch, no GG, and add to banned list

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    First there was drugs in tour of ffrance, now we have the riders littering the country side and if that was not enough...the riders expect you to wait for them if they have a flat tyre...is this event rigged or what

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    iKeemstar wrote:

    In one of my daily games, I'm up a rook, bishop, and several pawns and yet my opponent refuses to resign. He also waits till the last minute possible to make a move.

    Hes a jerkoff.

    You are going to run in to people like this many times in the future so get use to it. I do not fault anybody for not resigning...it is your job to checkmate him....but waiting until the last minute to move....I dont mind when that happens because I know I will eventualy get him. Just be patient.

    What I hate is when people do that in Tournaments especialy the ones I am directing.Other players message me but what am I supposed to do about it? Nothing I can do but people like that hold up the ENTIRE Tourney and it is very irritating.

    The best ones are the ones that go on Vacation as soon as the Tourney starts. How inconsiderate can a person be. But I learned my lesson from my mistake. Now I make sure tht when I start a Tournament that no Vacations are allowed.


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