Obsesion with chess titles


Reading many articles and threads on this and other sites, talking with many players (amateurs and pros) I have noticed this funny obsession with the titles, especially the ultimate one The GM. You know , you meet a guy who is a GM and some of my friends approach him like he is a President,almost address him with Your Highness and he is nothing more or less like a good PlayStation or Go player who didnt work a day in his life. When I say work I mean any work . Some FMs and IMs would give theys hindey for a bigger title. From where this  behaviour comes from? Many of them remind me of Reiki Masters or fog salers like them. Its sub real. Is a chess world some kind of a secta,with some kind of "levels of progression towards eternal something"? Come on, people should know better.


Hey hold on.

A president is just somebody who happens to have political connections.

A Highness is just somebody who happens to be born from the right people.


GM title deserves more respect because it is earned.


Hey hold on.

A highness is somebody who happens to be born from the right people.

It can't be earned, so it's harder to get.

Due it's rarity it deserves more respect.


I am obsessed with online chess titles.

I want to get one in between Angry Birds and Slenderman.

No need to walk out of the house. Just get nicely toasted.


Having a title, whatever it is, for that matter, deserves its due respect.


Titles are just a commercial scheme to try to attract more people into an activity. They are not made to reward those who have them, as much as it is to incentivate those who don't.


I myself think it would be pretty cool if I had a CM title, so I'm hoping to get it someday. People need to have tangible goals to feel motivated. That's why there's this obsession with titles and ratings.