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One doesn't simply...

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    1. Play chess for fun.

    2. Expect to win a game with the scholar's mate.

    3. Start useless threads like this.

    4. Fianchetto the bishop... because "fianchetto" sounds cool.

    5. Start the game with 1.a3

    6. And, the pinnacle:

    Feel free to continue adding your fun tidbits of chess tactics Wink
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    LOTR much lol, ;)


    ...mate with K+N+B vs. K+N

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    Seraphimity wrote:

    LOTR much lol, ;)

    Haha, yup :P

    I'm a huge LOTR fan :)



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    Good thread!


    I made one :)



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    plutonia wrote:

    Good thread!


    I made one :)




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    nice on plutonia !  in you case the H in hpawn stands for Hobbit .  as in "All our hopes now lie with..."

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    ...the h pawn xD

    I'm surprised scottrf hasn't seen my post yet :P I'd wonder what he'd have to say for that.

    Keep the posts coming!

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    One does not simply sacrifice the queen to solve the daily puzzle.

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    One doesn't simply offer a draw, to Magnus Carlsen...


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