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Optional 12-Hour Limit Games - About Time?

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    A while back I mentioned in another forum discussion that I think 24 hours is too long for the shortest possible parameter, and that I would like to see a 12-hour time limit made avaiable.  More than a couple of players  became very hostile in response, saying things like I must not have a life outside of chess.com, or must be some sort of ass****,  and the like, as if I was suggesting that they be required to play 12-hour-limit games.  

    Let me say that I gladly play multiple-day games against friends whose personal situations preclude locking into a faster pace, and that playing more games simultaneously helps with my pace issues.

    Nonetheless, I would still like to see a 12-hour limit game for willing participants so that those of a like mind or constitution wouldn't find ourselves in games which progress, if at all, at a glacial pace.

    What say you, chess.com'ers 

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    Seems like a good idea. Don't worry about the haters. Most of 'em just can't stand thought leaders.

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    Thanks, learning, 

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    I guess I'd say "why not have the option," but I'll also say that I think you'll find it mighty tough to get anyone to sign up to play you.  For instance, my average time per move is well under 12 hours, but I would never ever sign up for a game that I would have to make into a rigidly scheduled part of my daily routine.  I'd have to be on the site once in the morning and once in the evening at the absolute exact same time twelve hours apart to guarantee I wouldn't lose on time!

    If you like fast games, why not just limit the opponent group to people who play really fast?  You can do this currently, I think, to select opponents who play as fast as under 8 hours on average.  With the occassional exception on a move here or there, that should let you get the speed you want.

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    Thanks, pocklecod.  It's sort of a "different strokes" kind of thing, I suppose.  I do play in groups where 3 hour averages are considered long, knowing all the while that for some having to be on the site every day, or worse, twice a day, would seem like a terrible burden or an unwelcome obligation.  For some others, getting onto the site 10 or 20 times a day is no problem.

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    I'm often a 10-20 times kind of a guy myself, but there are always days one can't make it more than once easily.  I'd also worry that a really big number of games in 12 hour would end in time-outs...no fun for anyone.

    I guess it's a question of how much trouble for it is for those who run the site.  Can they just click a button and make 12 hour exist?  If so, why not?  But if it's more than that, I can understand their hesitation since it'd be a small niche market for sure.

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    thanks, again, pocklecod, for your perspective.  I'm not so sure about the "for sure" part, but it's all academic unless the site implements 12-hour games, and then we'd see.  In any event, enjoy the chess.

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    What about 18 hours for those who value their sleeping intermissions.

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    You know my stance on time/move Bishop, but I have to say that I would hesitate to accept a 12 hour match. While my time/move is under an hour, I have had situations where I can't get online for 12 hours, even with the phone app. While the principle of the idea is sound, it is, I think, impractical in practice. As said above, many more timeouts, and some of those by people that want to play in that time, but are unable to...12 hours is one night sleep and a busy morning or a night out and a night's sleep. Thus it doesn't work.


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