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Owens Defense The 200 variation

  • #1

    What is your opinion of the move white last made. Please dont be rude

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    I think it's unusual but interesting

    if I was playing black after Bd5 I would play


       Bd5....Nc6    just ignoring and developing I would follow up with Nf6 and e6  and I think black is even

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    I guess ......Bxd5    exd5.....e6   Nc3....Nf6   Qf3....exd5   Nxd5.....Nxd5  Qxd5....Nc6 is also = for black but a lot of minor pieces have been traded off and I would rather have an = position with all the pieces on after Nc6

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    Seems like a waste of time, without gaining an advantage.  I play 1...b6 from time to time, and I would love to see that variation.

    I think Black has very easy equality with White offering a trade of the only piece he has developed.  Sure, Black has also only developed one piece, but this will bring us closer to an endgame, and I would say it is fine for Black.

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    It's worthless. Why give up an active Bishop for a passive one? And Black doesn't even have to give up the B. He could just use the opportunity to pop a tempo on White by c6 & d5. The game seems to have gone 1. e4 b6 2. Bc4 Bb7. After this f3 may be the "best" here. It would probably transpose into other things against the Owen's. Next d4 & Nc3. The Owen's Def is lame. I used to play it in the late 70s. It taught me how to defend in hopeless positions with almost no play.

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    The bishop at b7 is already passive from move 2?


    Probably Miles didn't know that.

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    I think it boils down to the person's style.  DrSpudnik may be more of a classical style, preferring more space, so 1...b6 wouldn't suit him at all.  I get fine games with 1...b6.  It was my first defense, and everyone told me how bad it was, but I remember really surprising a 2100+ opponent by just a few moves at a USCF tourney (I was 1400 or so).

    It is unexpected and breaks some rules, but White needed to play c3 there.  I know, that may only be one example, but I think Black does okay with 1...b6. 

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    Just because Tony Miles could play weird novelties and occasionally score against GMs with it, doesn't change the general assessment of the opening. Black wastes two moves developing his QB and occupies/controls nothing in the center, is no closer to castling, has no decent piece development. White's game will be easy if he continues with (after 1.e4 & 2. d4) Bd3, Nc3, f3. Black's light-squared Bisop will be stumped and his development awkward.

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    The opening is fine , Miles have used it a lot , 2  women World Champions Gaprindasvili and Chiburdanidze also used it regularly.Boris Spassky and Vladimir Kramnik used it as a surprise weapon.

    The opening is fine ,  your "understanding"(or lack of it) is the problem.

    If you try to explain why 1...b6 is bad probably you can't(I mean with arguments that make sense).

    BTW is 1...g6 also bad? 

  • #10

    I don't think that bishop is awkward.  He applies pressure on e4, and White can't simply sit there all day long.  Black will be ready soon to apply pressure on the center, and he will possibly be able to relocate the bishop to the c8 square in some instances.  I have done this many times in the Dutch - the bishop comes out early to hit the center, but relocates later when the White center caves in with something like d5. 

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    Personally, I don't mind f3 either, as that is a weakness I can work against.  I think f3 is an okay move, but I much prefer the standard lines offered, as they give White a nice center and a quick chance to develop.

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    thank you all for your input. i defenitley wouldnt play this against a grandmaster but whenever a little kid annoys me with this defense i play it.

  • #13

    Shik, I wouldn't try to annoy him.  I would love you to play that against me personally.  If you want to annoy him, don't trade pieces early.  Make your center rock hard.

  • #14

    im not annoying him hes annoying me

  • #15

    If it annoys you, wouldn't it be better to play stronger moves against it?  The popular line these days is 2 d4 Bb7  3 Bd3 e6  4 Nf3 c5  5 c3 and seems perfectly fine.  2 Bc4 and 3 Bd5 takes a valuable attacking piece and moves it twice just to trade it off and double your pawns in the process.  There is no point at all to it.

    If the guy's opening annoys you enough to force you to play bad moves, he's got what he hoped for.

  • #16

    This opening is not in the library at chessgames.com so there is probably no advantage to White.

  • #17

    What's wrong with the most natural Black move, 3...Nc6?

  • #18

    Nothing, and it was suggested earlier also.  


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