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Perpetual Check in Blitz

  • #1

    In a 3 min. blitz match, am I allowed to use perpetual check to run down the clock? For example, say I have 30 seconds left and my opponent has 15 seconds left and I have my opponent in perpetual check. Can I just use perpetual check to run out the clock? Also, does it matter if I have a losing position  or not?

  • #2

    Go for it, it's fine.  If you repeat the same position though, your opponent can claim a draw by 3-fold repetition.

    Many games are won this way.

  • #3

    Sure, if your opponent doesn't claim the draw after 3-move repetition.

  • #4

    Thanks, I did that, and my opponent claimed it violated the rules and said I should be banned.

  • #5

    Then your opponent is/was an idiot.

  • #6

    Pfff I've lost a game, There was Rook and king agains rook and king, perpetual checks and when I clicked on draw 10x, there was nothing, even after 118 move !!!

  • #7

    That's because it was not a claimable draw.

    (a) the 50 move rule hadn't come into effect yet

    (b) the same position did not occur 3 times with the same side to move

    (c) there was no stalemate

    (d) there was sufficient material to mate

    You don't just get to draw because the position is a theoretical draw.  There is no such thing as a forced draw due to lots of pointless checks.  You had to make it to the 50 move rule before you can force the draw.

  • #8

    It's part of the game. If your opponent can't protect his king, he doesn't deserve to win, even if he is up in material. 


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