Pincer rating.

AckibePlays wrote:
KlausVonRein wrote:

You guys don't realize that the first win is not that hard, but if you beat it 3 times in a row, then that's what we're talking about. It gets a lot harder over time.

I suck at chess, so I couldn't beat it the first time.

Don't fret over that, friend. The cool thing about bots is, there is no time limit. If I played someone at or above 2k rating, they would slaughter me in rapid or even 30 min games. If I played a 10 hour game against them though, then it would probably be a lot more even. Just shows that, we often make blunders when not taking our time. The more experience you have playing chess, the less time you need to make moves. At high level play though, time does matter quite a bit.


yeah i have never beat pincer