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Places to download Master Level Games

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    Looking for sites to download master level games --- My current database that I have built is about 400,000 strong (2437 avg ELO) --- i'm looking for more games of master level --- i'm looking for Free Pgn downloads, i don't want to have to be a premium member like on chessgames 

    any suggestions for sites to go for them?

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    Personally, I review most of my master level games from books because then they are annotated.  And that makes me happy. 

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    don't i need a premium account on chessgames, in order to download their games in mass?

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    www.365chess.com is a free site with a nice opening explorer and a large data base.

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    chessgames.com has a great database; free pgns.  Problem is you have to download them one at a time unless you're a member, not sure what that takes though.

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    The Week in Chess has all the latest games.  PGN Mentor has older games organized by player, opening or event.  Lars Balzar has a site with links to many other sites with downloadable games.

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    Riga(Tal) -- I have just about all the games in PGN mentor --- this is a site i've visited before to get alot of games --- i'll have to check out the other two

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    Free mega databases: Jose, Icofy Base, ChessDB, Million Base 1.74 and Robert Hyatt's Enormous.zipNorm Pollock also has a fair number of pgn archives.

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    thanks riga, my database is now around 2 million --- owe you one

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    You're welcome.

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    Svetozar Gligoric annotates a few in his book Shall We Play Fischerandom Chess?  You might want to ask kokino as well, because he seems to know a lot about the literature on 960.


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