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Played every country in the world!!!!

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    I su[ppose that you would have to use a UN definition of a country. I think that Antarctica would be a territory.

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    This is a neat idea.  They still haven't said how they know they played against someone from every country, but I'll take it as fact.  It'd be easy to write it down or save 1 PGN from each country.  One problem I do see is that the number of countries and what each nation is depends on one's point of view and is disputed.  Just consider how China was recognized in the UN as being in Taiwan until the 70's when the mainland, which had been the Peoples Republic of China for 20 years or more, wasn't recognized as a soverign nation. Taiwan is still technically called China, and I've seen things that say "Made in ROC" as well as some that say "Made in Taiwan." I believe "Made in China" is usually kept for the communist state, but now I'm beginning to wonder.

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    aww-rats wrote:

    Greenland? Anyone in Antartica?

    Antartica isn't a nation and I don't think this is disputed.  Some countries claim areas of the continent, but those are not completely recognized globally.  If they did play someone from Antartica, they'd be French, English, American, Russian, or whatever, not Antartican.  It's amazing how so many countries want to claim this large desert with little value outside of scientific research.  I'd bet that if they find something spectacular under the ice, things will really heat up about ownership.

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    You could always play someone from


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    A better question is if they've played Santa or one of his elves.  Do the elves come from the north pole or do the immigrate?   Either way, I think Santa could claim legal residence and citizenship since he's lived there for centuries.

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    Yes. There had been occassions at the start where people have changed flags or came from one country but lived in another. I discounted those games and looked again (reading peoples profiles before I challenged them). I recorded all the games on a piece of paper....amazing how many countries begin with the letter "s".

    No, I didn't do "Florida" but did do real countries including independent  states such as the Island of Jersey.

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    Hmmm. There is no universal agreement on the number of countries in the world, but the generally accepted range is in the 190s. Where have you magicked the extra 50 countries from? Are you sure that you're on the right planet?

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    It is fortunate that David Koresh is no longer running his own country. It would have been very diffuclt to play chess against someone from that compound. Laughing

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    I agree there is no universal agreement on the number of countries in the world. I went for the highest number that is represented on this site. I would have liked to have done British Indian Ocean Territories but unfortunately the americans forcibly removed all 4000 inhabitants off their land 50 years ago. Also it would have been nice to play someone stationed in Antarctica......I think one person was born there.

    Yes I played someone in Greenland.

    The North Korean player was good, played three games before I won.

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    I really want to know just who in North Korea has access to the internet AND likes chess... It would have to be some government official right?

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    Yes some players changed their flags. When that happened I started again. I then started to look at players profiles first before challenging them so I knew what country they really lived in. Took me three goes to beat the North Korean player.

    Yes, I recorded the games on a piece of paper. Suprising how many countries begin with the letters a,b, c and s.


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