playing with friends


When you play with a friend who is not a chess player for the first time, do you find that explaining the game is tedious and ultimately no fun?  Being an experienced player, the odds of a first time player winning the game are very slim, so should you bother playing at all and just play with other players that are exerienced?  


I think so!

Someone taught you for the first time. Don't consider it as a game you are plying for fun. Consider it a gift to your friend. Personally I find delight in teaching the game to people. If even one of them goes on to enjoy it, it is worth it

i think there is a valid point of what do you want from the game? if its to slaughter your opponent in a brilliant victory, then the question answers itself, but if you want to share with your friend something you enjoy and perhaps help to build him/her into a competent player well then the question answers itself- but it is an interesting arguement.


I've introduced a few friends to For me, it's about the social interaction. Some continue to struggle with their game, but continue to play....that is a victory in itself.


glad to be friend of yours ... teach me more


I think it's important to play with new players.... It helps more people acquire a taste for the game!



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