PLease check out my youtube channel!!!!



Sorry about the first video, I have lost my voice.


lol ok, what do I need to teach you???


I download a free screen recorder (I use apowersoft free screen recorder, but there are a lot out there). I have ready, press record and search for a game. Then I upload it to youtube. Note that if you have a limit of 15 min per video unless you give them your mobile number


Thanks for the techno info. 

I wish someone would start a thread about free or low-cost programs like apowersoft free screen recorder. I didn't know that exists, so thanks for opening my eyes. Surprised


Video commentary is half the fun in a good chess video.

If you add it you have a chance to get some fans. I like your series idea - Biting The Bullet.  Also, I like that your videos are not too long.

If you add commentary you might be on to something.


I use x-split free version and actually sound up live streaming a game. There is another free screen capture program I use for YouTube videos. It had a little trick to it as the audio and video didn't synch correctly but there was a simple solution to it (after I went crazy for hours trying to fix it). I think the name is hypercam. It is free and almost idiot proof. If I can remember the simple solution to the synch problem, I'll post. It was in one of the settings but even there, a friend researched it and found the solution on another YouTube video.

Best of luck.

Oh yes, I don't have a limit to my uploads and I don't recall giving a mobile number. I'm not sure about that though. In any rate, I don't get spam calls to ,y mobile number (thankfully).


thanks David and zealandzen for the support, thanks for the info dr cris, and read the damn description dewey, I have been sick and lost my voice!! I am putting commentary in mynext ones


lolz not bad, you sound like a horse commentator!! Is that what you do for a living?? ;)

Nice job, I'm trying to stay away from chess for a bit, you know, got too involved. I might try some more next year.

All the best


Dewey, please, stop being a jerk, you have already stated your views so go get a life


so do you. shut up.