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rating in tactics trainer vs real rating

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    I'm just curious - is there any correlation?

    What do players use to have higher?



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    My TT rating is normally 600 points above my live and 300 points above my online, I think that's quite normal.

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    I think the question is kind of wrong. your rating is a lot of factors.

    Tactics rating is just one single factor that makes your "real" rating.

    imagine you have 1900 in tactic trainer.

    but you play solid opening that doesn't lead to many tactical shots. your tactic trainer rating doesn't mean a lot in those games.
    but a single tactical shot can win the entire game.

    tactics is a single ability but an important one.
    consider the following :

    opening ability: 1600

    tactic trainer 1900

    endgame 1499

    strategy : 1400

    .... and more.

    therefore you cannot compare tactics trainer rating with your rating

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    the fact is, to get better at TT you need simply to do...TT. Over and over again, eventually you'll become good.


    Improving in strategy is a completely different thing. Because there you need to understand positional concepts that are really really hard to grasp by yourself (without somebody explain them). Thus it requires both study and creativity to become better strategically.

    It also might require more time and experience.


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