Receiving abuse from weaker players.


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JessVLoudo wrote:

I was playing bullet recently and for the first time in a while opened up my matchmaking settings to play some lower rated players. I was surprised by the amount of insults that I received after comfortably winning games. Players in the range of about 1700-2000 (I'm currently at 2150) consistently called me a moron/cheap/the worst 2000 player ever etc etc.

Has anyone else encountered this? It just seems bizarre to me to insult someone who has completely outplayed you and based on rating alone is a significantly stronger player.

Sadly Bullet, and Blitz controls with online chess is always going to produce bad attitudes and a degree of rudeness that's why I need we play those controls at all staying well clear thanks but no thanks


Don't turn off chat, I hate when people do that as it shows distrust, and I often try to end those games quickly and boringly. Just don't respond. Don't let them get to you.



I hate distrust.  It always makes me suspicious!