Do others here think that a rematch should be accepted in order that the loser may have the opportunity to redeem themselves?
If my opponent wants a rematch after one game, I accept it 99% of the time. But if someone doesn’t want to accept it, they don’t have to... It’s your choice.

It's everyone personal choice whether to accept rematch or not! You can't pressurised anyone.


BimboGambit wrote:

I am only a bimbo, not a coward but I think it would be a coward thing to do not to accept a rematch.


In fact, I think Carlsen would be a coward too if he did a simul and didn't allow us to rematch.

Some people don't want rematch because they don't want to be bored again!😁😁


A win is a win. No point doing rematch.

It is an accomplishment.

It is a reward.

It is the goal of training.

It is the.........

It is......


I think a rematch should be accepted so each player can have a turn as white. If you win also a rematch should be accepted. After that the players may want to refuse a rematch for the sake of variety of openings, playing style, etc.