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Rule change to reduce draws?

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    I feel like chess would be more popular if a higher percentage of games were decisive (not drawn).  Any ideas of a minor tweak to the rules that might reduce the number of draws?

    Here's mine:  Starting at move 40, pawns are allowed to move laterally (along a rank), one square at a time (normal pawn moves are still permitted as well).  But they are not allowed to capture laterally (just like they can move forward, but can't capture forward).

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    Some high level FIDE tnmts have recently adopted a rule in which you get 1 pt for a draw and 3 pts for a win.

    Joe, nothing personal but don't hold your breath waiting for your rule to be adopted. Check out this link for more info on reducing draws:


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    you aren't going to get many supporters for that rule nobody wants to throw away all their endgame knowledge. me included

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    I know, I know.  It was more of a hypothetical musing than a proposal for an actual rule change.

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    There's also "sofia rules" but that wasn't popular when Topalov called for it's use.

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    Sofa rules? that sounds interesting.

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    The chess set is placed in the middle of the room.

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    Why do you want to reduce draws? They're part of the game, and the fact that there is a large percentage of draws at higher levels is a sign that they are playing near-perfectly. Some people say that draws are boring, but 1. not all draws are boring, and 2. the end result of a game -- 1-0, 0-1 or 1/2-1/2 -- is what matters, not whether or not it is interesting.


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