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  • #1

    Do anyone think that a bishop and a knight is worth a rook at the begining of a game.

  • #2

    Bishop + Knight > Rook (at the beginning of the game)

    Bishop + Knight > Rook (endgame)

    Bishop + Knight >= Rook + Pawn (greater than or equal to, when the rook has a pawn)

    Bishop + Knight < Rook + 2 Pawns

  • #3

    well for me yes!

  • #4

    Ajfonty said it right

    Of course it depends on the specific position -- but I'd usually rather have the bishop+knight.

  • #5

    Bishop+knight, I reckon, need not be sacrificed for a Rook. But, at times, it pays to sacrifice Bishop+Knight for a Rook+Pawn.


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