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Same ol Story

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    no way out, start other games and pay them no mind! How about players who go on vac. when their tourn. starts ? Or take a  vac. when mate is in sight !

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    By "He moves, then vacates," do you mean that he moves and goes on vacation (your game board actually states that your opponent is on vacation)?  Seems rather strange that he would waste 25 vacation days in 6 weeks when the time control is 3 days per move.

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    Roundy, what are you hoping to get out this? You know there are not any alternatives besides just finishing the game eventually, even if it takes awhile. What do you want someone to tell you? Some people are poor sports, but complaining about them will get you no where. Just play other games and finish the lughead off.

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    I've heard horror stories of tournaments lasting for four years becuase of this stuff. Keep the time per move as low as you can and get a good amount of games so you don't have to think about these things.

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    Poor Sports:Why dont you Jason check the game match out and see the vacations before you call me a poor sport.Or may i be so kind to ask if this is a look down the nose act ?

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    I'm a poor sport and I lose a lot :( gg roundy I can't wait for the rematch :0

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    jdamager wrote:

    I'm a poor sport and I lose a lot :( gg roundy I can't wait for the rematch :0 No you arent and I had a blast.Has been the most evenly matched game Ive played.Im usually out of my league or otherwise.You made it fun thanks my friend.

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    2 months 2 days. Mostly vacations.He finally vacationed out.Done deal.

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    I had fun too, I'm ready for another one whenever. Some people can't take losing I had a guy in a blitz game tell me to have fun waiting his time out. I did in fact enjoy waiting! Hahaha


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