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Should there be a Chess.com "Positional Trainer Program"?

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    Why only Tactics Trainer Program, why not also "Positional Trainer Program"... I am a tactical player but It would be also so nice to know my Positional Trainer Program Rating - Being able to attack doubled pawns, isolated pawns, backward pawns, being able to turn a Perfectly good position into a Perfectly bad position:) etc. Hehehehe. So let's discuss, and maybe - just maybe, If we make plenty of posts in this thread, Chess.com will add it. I say to you, "If you are only a tactical player, do not stick on Open positions forever, because If you do not understand how simple Positional Play is then you do not understand how complicated chess is". I am a tactical player and I care less whether or not Chess.com Positional trainer program will be added. Should there also be a Positional Trainer Program?

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    Wouldn't that be in the Chess Mentor ?

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    This is Chess Mentor

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    The Chess Mentor is not 100% positional lessons but certainly enuff to keep anyone busy for a long time, esp if they went back over lessons in which they weren't satifsfied with their initial score.

    I'd say the main "problem" with chess mentor is that it's only available to diamond members. I think chess.com should consider at least giving other premium members limited usage of CM as they already have limited usage of TT. 

    In general I'd also say that directly contacting the staff via Help & Support at the bottom of the page is much more likely to draw attn to  suggestions than a forum is in most cases.

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    In Chess Mentor, Silman has a monster of a lesson in something called "Roots of Positional Understanding."  It's a 300 lesson beast.  It's painfully difficult too.  Trying to work my through it a few lesson at a time.   Let me know if you run across any other lessons.  Difficult subject to grasp. 

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    Of the dozen courses on strategy that Chess Mentor offers, you've chosen to start with the longest and most difficult.  With a problem rating average of over 2000, it's in fact one of the toughest of all the Chess Mentor courses.  I've done 93% of it and doubt that I'll ever finish it because every time I go to review what I've done, I don't have much more luck than I did the first time, sigh...There are easier courses that introduce principles in a more forgiving manner.  I especially liked the latest 10 lesson courses, I think there are 4 of them, each a little harder than the rest.  I think IM's Bryan Smith and Danny Rensch wrote them.  They also offer longer more detailed explanations of what's going on than Silman.  Just my 2 cents from a fellow struggling student of the Game...

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    300 lessons? YOW! Maybe you should take a break and watch some videos instead. There's lots to choose from on just about every aspect of the game, and lots of instructors to choose from as well.  I'm watching this series from time to time for fun and inspiration:



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