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Slow Submission

  • #1

    Once again it's taking ages to submit a move, anyone know why this happens every few days?

  • #2

    No idea why it's happening but I can confirm your observation.


    I have a fast (wired) connection and wondered what's going on. Task manager revealed nothing running in the background and a reboot didn't help either.


    Other sites are functioning at the correct speed, it's just Chess.com.

  • #3

     Yep, everything else is working perfectly. Only happens on this site. Regularly too.

  • #4

    same here too =(

  • #5

    yup, I agree, great connection, slow chess.com

  • #6

    All Europeans, so far.


    EDIT: Now we have an American, as well.

  • #7

    must be a bandwith problem with all these live tournaments being created.


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