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    How do people play this chess where u need 2 days per move? Arent people just using engines?


    [The site's policy is to limit discussion about cheating to the Cheating Forum.  http://www.chess.com/groups/view/cheating-forum. More information in the FAQ  http://support.chess.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/124/0/cheaters--cheating-what-you-need-to-know. Moderator]

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    If I was using an engine, I wouldn't need 2 days per move.  ;-)

    chess.com is very good about finding cheaters.  Not to say there aren't any - but the chances of you playing any at the 1500 level are pretty slim.  The cheaters are going to be well over 2,000, and they have to be very careful now, or they will be found and banned.

    To answer your question as to why people need the time.  I'm playing about 15 games at the moment.  That's not very many.  Some people are playing hundreds of games.  They need two days per move just to make all of their moves on time.  I like to have that time when I'm in a difficult position.  I don't just give up and make a crummy move - I leave the board alone for a few hours or maybe sleep on it.  Then I come back with a fresh perspective and hopefully a move I haven't thought about will occur to me.  I try hard not to take all my time on any move, but there have been occasions where I just felt like I was missing something, and I did take all the time to find something.

    I hope that answers your question.  The cheaters don't need 2 days!

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    Well, I play most my games with 3 days a move, still I tend to move to fast. I don't seem to find the selfcontrol to do what Zirtoc does. Just wait and move later. I do however want 3 days a move, because I'm never sure if I will be able to play tomorrow. And I'm not using an engine btw, my rating speaks for me lol. I don't think they even make engines that bad anymore. Having said that, I do own Fritz and I do use it for practice. Needless to say, Fritz insults me a lot. 

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    so what youre saying is - you can play standart chess on low level, but not on high? And how do you exacly spot a cheater zirtoc?

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    What I am saying is, if I am cheating at all my games, I am not going to be 1500.  The whole point would be to cheat my way into a high level.  I would go past 1500 pretty quickly.

    And remember I also said that chess.com is good at catching the cheaters.  So I have faith that most of the top level players are playing chess.  If you are worried about cheating in a particular game, you can write to chess.com about it, and they will look into it.

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    how can you catch a cheater?:) if somone is making good moves he gets banned? Please... I dont see that happening... and i dont really care about 1500, i'm aiming for more...

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