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    I have blogged about a Dutch training system called the Step Method. I was wondering if anyone has had any success with this system.

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    I have used the TASC CD and found the first three steps to be fairly easy.  Step four was tougher and Step 5 was somewhat brutal for me.  I plan on doing them again at a slower pace.  My opinion is that upon serious study, one could become a fairly competent tactician using this program.  Hard Copy books in English can be ordered from Cajun Chess. (except for step 6)  I wonder if using the books would be more beneficial.

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    Is the CD running well under Vista?

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    The workbooks are good tactics books. The ones from step 4 and 5 got me from +- 1700 to +- 1900 I think. There are in between books like 4+ and 5+ now as well.

    I like the system a lot.

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    I have it working on Windows XP without any problems, but I can't speak for Vista or Windows 7. The Chesshouse is giving it away for free, you just have to pay for shipping. Here's the link :


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    I have used it on Vista.  You do not install the CD on your computer.  The program runs from the CD.

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