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Steps to deciding on a move?

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    What are the steps to deciding what move is your best choice.

    I mean obviously you need to make a move that acomplishes something, but you want to make sure that the square you move to is not going to result in a loss or the faliure to move a piece resulting in a loss too.

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    We can get a list going:

    1. Where is my king? Where can it move?

    2. Where is my queen? Where can it move?

    3. Where are my rooks? Where can they move?

    4. Where are my bishops? Where can they move?

    5. Where are my knights? Where can they move?

    6. Where are my pawns? Where can they move?


    7. Where is my opponent's king? Where can it move?

    8. Where is my opponent's queen? Where can it move?

    9. Where are my opponent's rooks? Where can they move?

    10. Where are my opponent's bishops? Where can they move?

    11. Where are my opponent's knights? Where can they move?

    12. Where are my opponent's pawns? Where can they move?

    In Practical Chess Analysis, Senior Master Mark Buckley brings up the idea of auras. The pieces where they are sitting and the lines to where they can move are kind of like "auras"...glowing fields of energy.

    Once you know where all of the pieces are, then you can start thinking of short term tactics and positioning, as well as longer term strategy and positioning. Short term maneuvers should not be so costly that they cost you the game. ;-)

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    In a bullet game, the steps are more like

    1. look at board

    2. decide on move

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    Heads or tails?

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    1st thought: Will this move help my objective?

    2nd thought: Is that move safe for my man?

    3rd thought: Will that move be detrimental to my opponent?

    If answer is yes, yes, yes, then move. If answer is yes, yes no, - could be a better move. If answer is yes, no, yes, - could be a better move. If answer is no, yes, yes, - could be a better move. Etc., etc...

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    1. What's in it for me?

    2. Do I have a bad feeling about this game?

    3. Should I be very aggressive, defensive or moderate?

    4. What's it gonna take to beat this guy/gal?

    5. Should I drink before, during or after the game?


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