Strange online game, what would you do?



I am new to the site, but not entirely new to chess. However my (tactics) rating on this site is about 1100, my sense for combinations is limited, my rook and pawn endgame is pathetic and I am old enough and realistic enough to understand that I am not the future challenger of Magnus Carlsen.

So I have been recently challenged by a close-to-1200 rated player to an online game with 3-days of time to move. I'm playing Black. We are currently at move 5.

He played 5 pawn moves: e4, d3, f3, a3 and now h3.

I really don't know what to think about this. This is obviously deliberate bad play. Sure, he may fool me because I'm bad enough to miss things, blunder and have no real opening preparations. But with a good player I would think there is no way you can get away with such an opening.

Why would you challenge somebody and then deliberately make bad moves? To me it would seem you do not really care much about the outcome of the game. And to disrespect your opponent is unsportsmanlike conduct, in my opinion.

If I wanted to try out really unconventional openings, I would use a chess program.

This player has so far played about 50 games here. So it is not that he is inexperienced. It is hard to imagine that this opening is really his best play.

But then, he may think he does me a favor by playing badly, offering me an "easy" way to win my first game on the site?

Right now, I tend to believe he does not care about the outcome. Thus I am not very interested in pursuing this game. I am thinking about simply resigning it and look out for a proper game next time.

What would you do in this situation? Have you had similar games or situations?

I will write him still, but would highly welcome your thoughts. Thank you!


Firstly, you cannot discuss the specific of a current game in the forums. So I can only speak generally. A lot of players do not wish to spend time studying opening theory. It is long and complicated. Many play chess for simple enjoyment with no real wish to improve or study the game. You do not have a definite win in your game so you should continue playing. If your opponent is really that bad you should finish him off quickly. I have played many players whose opening theory is lacking but they still beat me through superior endgame skill. Looking through other games from this player, he seems to like playing other strange openings. I doubt he is trying to lose on purpose.

If I were you I would not resign. Resigning will cause your rating to fall and your next game will probably be against someone even worse. If you win this game then your rating will go up and you will be able to play players of similar skill to yourself.


Firstly an apology is due!  I was not aware that premium members could see (my) ongoing online games. I am not a premium member at this time.  It was not my intention to reveal the identity of my opponent. His identity is of no importance, of course.

Upon further consideration, I will continue the game. Either it will be a win, a loss - or a draw... Smile hopefully I can gain something out of his rather passive line.

Sorry for the untimely post. Let's defer judgement until post-game.


His moves up to now make more or less sense I think.


Join this group which is supposed to be where all cheating (or suspected) cheating issues are discussed. Don't ask about pending games because even without your opponents name premium members at least can probably ID them by looking at your activity (current games)

You can always contact the staff directly by clicking on Help & Support to report suspected cheaters. I've done so once and was only suspicious not convinced, but apparently I was right because my opponent was 86'd a few days later. 


Looking at a couple of other games, this seems to be the way he plays. He must think it works for him, and perhaps at his level, it does. Just play on, and if you can beat him, do so. After the game, if you do not like playing against opponents like this, decline a rematch if he offers one.


Please don't discuss a game in progress.

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