Strong 900 Players!


I doubt I can even be 900 in bullet.  I tried a few 3-minute games in the variants and got clobbered.  I had to return to the 10-minute controls.  5 minutes is pushing it for me.  Again, it's my age.  I thought my 40+ years experience would help.  It didn't.  Computers, new ideas...are always changing chess. Chess is a game of calculation after all.

My bullet is higher than rapid by about 100 points. My blitz is 1650 but I’m trying to focus on it for a little.

Hey, at least you won 


I'm too afraid to even try bullet.  Back when I was playing more seriously OTB, none of us ever played that fast unless it was 5/1 against a beginner.  I can barely make it to the end of a blitz game without flagging.


For kids it's 2000 bullet, 900 rapid.


I played at least 10-20 bullet games. I don't think I was ever checkmated, even though I lost most games. I lose on time only.


Some might be too slow but it looks bad.

I guess that's why I struggle beating the 1200-1300 field in blitz. They are playing like 1600-1700, when in fact are 800.

It's called "autoskill"


This is like two handfuls now where I run into 1700+ rapid players playing 900 bullet smh. Enough with the sandbagging.


Okay okay.   You got me.  I am a sandbagging-senior citizen happy.png


Fair enough. 

I played a couple 15/10 and 30/0 tournaments on Sunday and now the game feels like entirety. Blunders we’re creeping back in.

I may need a pause from bullet anyways.


I mean seriously...why would anyone sandbag ONLY in bullet and not other time controls?  That doesn't make sense.


Bullet is a completely different game than Rapid. There is no reason to expect ratings to have to be the same, or even close, for every player. You can easily expect a turn to take over 1 minute to play in Chess, having to play an entire game in that time instead is going to cause significant deviations for many players. So just having a large difference between those two ratings does not indicating sandbagging. 

Even within the two examples you posted, there was a several hundred point gap Blitz had between each of those time controls, better than Bullet and worse than Rapid. So for the two profiles you bring up, if all we're looking at is their ratings, it's easily possible they're just worse relative to other players as the time control gets faster. 


I'm 1600+ rapid and I'm less that 900 bullet granted i think I've played less than a few hours of bullet in my life and and hundreds or thousands playing casual and rapid.  On Hikarus stream he said its pretty common that blitz is a bit under rapid and bullet is just in the toilet for some players.  Makes sense though don't practice it not good at it.  One time i got my blitz close to my rapid and it was when I played like 3-4 hours a day only blitz for a few months straight .  Even then the first hour or so each session was a blunder fest almost like i needed to warm up the speed or something. Now a days I only play the slower chess just prefer to calculate hate moving on instinct and since i don't blitz anymore if i do get in time trouble I normally start to get stomped.  I play 30 minute and I blitz out the first 10-12 moves from memory and use almost all of those 30 minute on the next 20 moves.  When i tried bullet I would make the same good 10-12 moves then hang every piece imaginable frantically trying not to time out making random arbitrary moves XD.  What i did find interesting is from an attacking  perspective i made great moves if you don't count the fact the pieces doing the attacking were hanging XD.  I cant remember a ton about the bullet games i played but i do remember auto hanging my queen to pawns and quitting before they could even take it like 5 games in a row.