Stuck at 1600


Hello! I started playing chess around December 2020 and grew in rating really fast. I reached 1600 in about a year and then my rating when back down. Eventually, I reached 1600 again and have been deviating from 1500-1600. I cannot seem to push past this. Could someone higher rated please analyze some of my games and give me some tips. One thing that I've noticed is I play much worse with black than with white, could you also check out some of my games and tell me the reason for that?

1. You play your openings too fast. Stop it immediately, you hung a pawn and a Queen in just a few moves. You were fortunate they didn’t see it

2. You have little positional understanding. You weaken your position by putting all pawns on the same square. Learn some positional aspects of the game, this is vital.

3. Your not looking for checks, captures and threats. Your opponent could have trapped you bishop, but once again you were fortunate they missed it. Look for checks, captures and threats every move, for you and your opponent.

4: I understand you play the London, but stop playing so many pawn moves in the opening. Develop your minor pieces first.

5. You recapture with the wrong pieces. You could have put a strong minor piece on e5 but chose to take with a pawn.

I saw this by skimming through your 3 most recent games. I will dm you other things later, my device is about to die and I’m too lazy to charge it right now.
Also, trying playing 15|10 or 30 minute games. It will improve your thought process.

Wow Jalex13, that's a detailed response to help a stranger out. Care to analyze my games? Haha I am in the same boat as iEATgoats.


Playing with bots or goats!!?? Online players are more wilder than computer bots!! Maybe this is the cause


I've written several posts aimed at helping players like you who might not be able to afford a coach. Here are some links to those posts:

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I hope you find these resources helpful in your chess journey. If you ever feel like you'd benefit from personalized coaching, feel free to reach out to me. Keep up the good work and remember, every game is a learning opportunity!