Switching to 30 min Rapid instantly improved me

I have been playing Chess properly for 4-5 months now, within that time I only played 10 min blitz seriously and I went from a 400 rating to a 900 rating, however I was hitting walls regarding my improvement around that mark. A couple weeks ago I decided to start playing 30 min rapid games. My rating after almost 30 games is 1250, and I have beaten 1300s with a percentile of 75. I do not know if this improvement by increasing time control is normal, but I really urge beginner players to start playing longer matches as it has improved my game a massive amount😁

convert it to blitz first. 30 minute players might just be very weak

ChessHebrews wrote:

. . . 30 minute players might just be very weak


thats hilarious...  i have been typing LOL for years but this was the first time i actually did  happy.png

Thank you my coach recommended the same thing!