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TACTIC BOOK for 1700 player

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    Internet ratings aren't real anyway.  If you cite a rating for credibility it must either be FIDE, USCF, or any national official ratings for those outside America.  On the Internet someone's (real life) master uncle or whatever can give them hints. 

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    I think we got off topic however you might want to consider "Winning Chess Tactics for Juniors".  It's $10 on Amazon.

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    Because some people like books.  Before I go to bed I look at a tactics book rather than have a laptop on doing CT-Art, etc...

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    I find the book more convinient actually.  I can open it immediatly anywhere and I even mark which puzzles I've failed or solved in the past so I can warm up with easier ones and then do ones I've found difficult before.

    Not that online tactics are inconvenient, I do those from time to time too.  If you're wondering why they'd want to spend the money, that's a good question.  The tactic books I've bought were before these tactic sites were around.

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    after all of ya'll suggestions, i found something that works for ME. i'm going with tempo. idimayuga was right. i have ct-art, but after a month i really hate carrying my laptop to home and work. So now i simply just do tempo from my phone, which is smaller than any tactic book. I have a smart phone with big screen so i can see tactic puzzles easily. Plus i carry my pnone every where. I am really enjoying tempo, over books because i have unlimited tactics and i dont have to waste time checking answers , like we do when we are doing tactics from books. Anyone that has a cellphone knows that they keep their phone with them at all times, so its like saying i keep an unlimited tactic supply with me at all times.

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    I bought a lot of books in the past. Winning chess tactics for juniors was my best tactic book, but Combination Challenge was still too hard to follow after juniors. Thats when i bought Chess School 1b, but lost interest because 80% of problems were mate problems. Then thats when i created this post.

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    timothysmall56 wrote:

    Hi, i play on icc , and my standard rating there is 1779. So i guess my USCF rating is 1630-1700. Can you help me find 3 good tactic books for my level range? Thanks

    Please do not take this the wrong way, but after looking over some of your games.  You are no where near 1700 USCF.  Your play reflects a beginner, that plays bad tactics. 
    This is not meant to be mean, just an honest assesment of your playing strength.  Keep on Practicing!

    As chessmaster102 posted...Lazlo's book, pretty much any book on tactics, and yes probably one of the best ways to work on tactics is to run your game through a chess engine, and set it to find tactics. 

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    TacticalSymphony wrote:

    Once again - why would anyone use a book to train tactics when they can use CT-Art or Chesstempo? 

    Books offer 2 advantages over software:

    1.  You have to set the position up on a real board.  This really does make a difference.

    2. You can use the diagram right from the book, and are forced to do the calculations in your head.  Always a good thing to do.


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