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Tactics Trainer

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    Just wondering what your rating is? I think mine is around 1250 only now:|

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    feyterman wrote:


    what's so funny? :P

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    I was hovering around 1600, but I've slowly dropped off to ~1400 when I started doing them more regularly. I'm not sure that's the way it should work. Wink

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    must be because you do them quicker and quicker

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    Or maybe Christmas is just the best time for tactics training Laughing

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    I wasn't far off 2400 but have dropped off to 2200 now... I don't think I'm very strong tactically but once you start to learn what to look out for in tactics trainer you can get a decent rating.

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    I used to drift between the 1200s and 1300s, but I changed my strategy.  Now I take as much time as I need until I see the tactic.  Initially when I did that, my rating went down, but now it is in the 1600's.  I think doing them slowly helped learn and then I started seeing the tactics better.

    Just a theory.


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