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    I just had a puzzle where there were two ways to mate in one move, and then I apparently picked the wrong mate so it said I failed the puzzle. Whats that all about? Shouldn't chess.com fix these things?

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    you should post it, 

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    I don't remember it :/

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    well, you may be wrong you may be right :P I think the tactics trainer is actively moderated though and you can report inaccurate ones.

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    ok. But there were other comments on the puzzle talking about being frustrated because they moved the same move that I did and failed the puzzle. But it might have been fixed by now.

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    you can find out which puzzle it was..

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    On the the top menu bar on this site, click tactics trainer under "Learn". Scroll down and youll get a list of all the tactics youve done. I'm pretty sure theres a report button...

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    it was months ago tho, but I just remembered and figured I could ask


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