Tally: 1.e4 or 1.d4? And why so?


e4...  because i don't have much experience and it's all i've gotten to work with so far!  Makes it easy to castle quickly.  And last but not least, because bobby fischer says it's the best by test. 


1.f4. Just voicing my belief that 1.f4 should get more respect than it does.


PS: 1.d4 > 1.e4 imo...but 1.f4 > both. Just making myself clear.




1. e4 "Best by test"


up until a few days ago I was strictly a e4 player,but now I'm starting to appreciate the complexities of d4!!Laughing


i like 1. d4 much more. in my view there is only ruy lopez and sicilian with 1. e4. i think that 1. d4 is rather my style than 1. e4 .. if i play e4, i'll play the king's gambit, or an open variation of the sicilian (najdorf, dragon, scheveningen), but those sicilian varations i'm - currently - enjoying as black


I play both 1 e4 and 1 d4 . Its odd because though I prefer 1 e4 and think I understand 1 e4 openings better I actually do better with 1 d4 in otb classic chess....

However, on chess.com I score 84.9% with 1 e4 and only 76% with 1 d4 ...... go figure.


1. e4. just because there is a chance of getting into my favourite Ruy Lopez :P unlike 1.d4 where this is obviously not availiable to do


c4 to unleash the knight without blocking a pawn

adhdkid91 wrote:

c4 to unleash the knight without blocking a pawn

 Is the knight leashed with the pawn on c2 ?  Wink