Teaching one's self


I have been helped greatly by forum members...

I'm looking at the following methods to teach msyelf chess:

Strategy:  Nimovitsch's My System &

              Modern Chess Strategy (Advances since Nimovitsch)

Endgames: Fundementals of Chess Endings

Checkmating - The Art of Attacking Chess

Practice: Corresponse chess on chess.com


Can anyone comment on any of the above, or add further advice.


Can anyone suggest other methods of learning that they found invaluable?


I also teach chess voluntarily to kids at the local church.  I use chess master to set up positions, then cut and paste - but this requires cropping. 

If anyone knows of a good chess program that allows easy set up of positions, and maybe even a screen capture of just the board, that would be great.  Thanks.




At strategy you should consider adding Euwes work 'The Middlegame'. Here is my review:


For tactics, i dont think checkmate problems is enough. You should get some other tactic books to, i think The Complete Chess Workout is nice. You can also do some tactics at the internet, i think chess.com tactic trainer is very good, but you can also use the one at chesstempo.com if you dont wanna pay.

And last, and the most important advice, is that you should play some OTB tournements, and then analyze the games if its Elo rated. You get alot of experience, learn from your own mistakes, and is very fun and exciting. You will also get motivated for getting a higher elo, or win your section and so.

Good luck!