The 300 sandbagger, why is there an uptick?


Have noticed that the bulk of cheaters online are those who are lower rated or just want to cause a headache for the average player. Or even the strong players getting their acct to a level that is indicative of SandBagging. Although there are other more complicated forms it seems like this is the most common when doing custom challenges.

"Sandbagging is a strategy of lowering the expectations of an individual's strengths and core competencies, in order to produce relatively greater-than-anticipated results." - Google search

It's an ever growing problem with the rise of online chess and becomes difficult to crack down on. The struggle is being able to prove that the intent of the person has been to rapidly drop their rating. There could be another group of people who are stronger than rating and do not have intent. As in they are just new to that account and not trying to cause a disturbance in the force or haven't touched a time format in years.  


Why are you playing 300 level players to begin with?

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