The Age of Abuse...thank you abusers for making me better!


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You created an account, just for this?


Yep, it's a forbidden topic that will get closed soon and this account banned, even when done is a positive light to thank the abusers for the free training.


I just want to make sure i have this right- your opponents must be cheating because they know how to do something that only you are supposed to know how to do?


The OP just expects you to nod your head and smile.  Please leave.

david takes cheating very seriously: see, and

The best thing to do when you suspect someone of cheating is to report them via Help --> Report Abuse --> Contact, and the cheat detection team will investigate. I would personally recommend that you join the Cheating Discussion club at and get them to review the game first.

Discussions of cheating in the main forum is not permitted, as it tends to become very heated and result in lots of public accusations, many of which are completely unfounded; I am therefore locking this post.


David, moderato

This forum topic has been locked