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The bad Bishop , not a Catholic story

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    We've all heard about the bad-bishop (BB) and dealt with it some way or another.

    I like to show you ( the beginning of ) a game I played where I managed to exploit the BB theme.

    I am interested to see some more games where the BB played a decisive role.

    Please feel free to post them here. Any comment on the theme is welcome.

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    Did you develop your Bishop on a3 to try to force an exchange ?

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    Grumly06 schreef:

    Did you develop your Bishop on a3 to try to force an exchange ?

    I had the Black pieces. No , White didn't go Ba3.

    NN stands for : Nomen nescio = name unknown. It is used in chess to be polite and not to name the opponent.

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    Here is the entire game :

    I admit that it was not a great game , but I was playing against the BB throughout the entire game. I never did it before.

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    your black bishop is as inactive as whites black bishop so whats wrong? i think black plan: e6; c5, cxd, Nc6 and bb4(if white does the following c3 and cxd moves instead of Nxd4) if Nxd4 than white has worse

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    qSweet , that is true. It is not very active (yet) but it is not a BAD bishop. It is not hampered by its own pawns. It is easier for me to develop this Bishop then it is for White.

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    "not a Catholic story?"

    Not actually taking a pot shot, but then, maybe it's news to you.

    What we call a "Bishop" began as a Joker. Yup.

    Makes sense when you consider how it is ranked slightly above a Knight...even though the Knight is twice as strong as any Bishop.


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