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No, if you lost me it means i´m dead and the show must go on !!!

Never stop this quality work !!!


"No, if you lost me it means i´m dead and the show must go on !!!"

Best laugh I've had all day joao, thanks.

"Wanna Play Chess"     azurylipfe



If You Get There Before I Do  

Air out the linens, unlatch the shutters on the eastern side,
and maybe find that deck of Bicycle cards
lost near the sofa. Or maybe walk around
and look out the back windows first.
I hear the view's magnificent: old silent pines
leading down to the lakeside, layer upon layer
of magnificent light. Should you be hungry, 
I'm sorry but there's no Chinese takeout,
only a General Store. You passed it coming in, 
but you probably didn't notice its one weary gas pump
along with all those Esso cans from decades ago.
If you're somewhat confused, think Vermont,
that state where people are folded into the mountains
like berries in batter. . . . What I'd like when I get there
is a few hundred years to sit around and concentrate
on one thing at a time. I'd start with radiators
and work my way up to Meister Eckhart,
or why do so few people turn their lives around, so many
take small steps into what they never do,
the first weeks, the first lessons,
until they choose something other,
beginning and beginning their lives,
so never knowing what it's like to risk
last minute failure. . . .I'd save blue for last. Klein blue,
or the blue of Crater Lake on an early June morning.
That would take decades. . . .Don't forget
to sway the fence gate back and forth a few times
just for its creaky sound. When you swing in the tire swing
make sure your socks are off. You've forgotten, I expect,
the feeling of feet brushing the tops of sunflowers:
In Vermont, I once met a ski bum on a summer break
who had followed the snows for seven years and planned
on at least seven more. We're here for the enjoyment of it, he said,
to salaam into joy. . . .I expect you'll find
Bibles scattered everywhere, or Talmuds, or Qur'ans,
as well as little snippets of gospel music, chants,
old Advent calendars with their paper doors still open.
You might pay them some heed. Don't be alarmed
when what's familiar starts fading, as gradually
you lose your bearings,
your body seems to turn opaque and then transparent,
until finally it's invisible--what old age rehearses us for
and vacations in the limbo of the Middle West.
Take it easy, take it slow. When you think I'm on my way,
the long middle passage done,
fill the pantry with cereal, curry, and blue and white boxes of macaroni, place the
checkerboard set, or chess if you insist,
out on the flat-topped stump beneath the porch's shadow,
pour some lemonade into the tallest glass you can find in the cupboard,
then drum your fingers, practice lifting your eyebrows,
until you tell them all--the skeptics, the bigots, blind neighbors,
those damn-with-faint-praise critics on their hobbyhorses--
that I'm allowed,
and if there's a place for me that love has kept protected,
I'll be coming, I'll be coming too.
                        Dick Allen

"Quantum Cloud XXXIII"     Antony Gormley

..ever see a chess piece explode?


He's sitting in his library with the shades pulled down, and soft green lights scattered around the room.  He has a pot of black coffee on his desk, and a package of yeast tablets in his pocket.  He has all the books that have ever been written on chess, and he's soaking up what's in them just as if he were a human blotter.

from "Slippery Elm" by Percival Wilde


Amy's Clean, Well-Lighted Place for Chess - by qixel


Thats quite an interesting set up qixel.  I see my Big Knight set is there two stories up third cubicle from the left.

Here is a cool time lapse video from the 2009 U.S Chess Championship (which is now in full swing)--->

phishcake5 wrote:

 I see my Big Knight set is there two stories up third cubicle from the left.

Wow, that's very good, cuz you can't even see the Big Knight in the photo.

And that's the Hastings set on the board.


Its those double decker pawns, give it away every time, that and the fifty caliber rooks (also a nice feature;)

Another set with interesting knights (they had all the ring info listed with each piece so I guess its important):

Chainmail Chess Set #2 Knight
Ring count: 350
Weight: 75g
All rings C260 1/2 hard brass, .032" - .062"

  • Captive Inverted Round (C3), (C2)
  • 2 in 1 Chain
  • European 4 in 1
  • Dragonscale
  • Full Persian 6 in

Chainmail Chess Set #2 Bishop
Ring count: 603
Weight: 73g
All rings C260 1/2 hard brass, .032" - .062"

  • European 8 in 2 (King's Maille)
  • Celtic Visions Sheet 2
  • Three Quarters Persian
  • Half Persian 3 in 1 Sheet 6

Chainmail Chess Set #2 Pawn
Ring count: ?
Weight: 83g
All rings C260 1/2 hard brass, .048" - .062"

  • Japanese 8 in 2 Cube
  • Byzantine Web / Byzantine Web Square Hybrid

Chainmail Chess Set #2 Queen
Ring count: 474
Weight: 102g
All rings C260 1/2 hard brass, .032" - .062"

  • European 4 in 1
  • Full Persian 6 in 1
  • Dragonscale
  • Four Quarters Persian

Chainmail Chess Set #2 King
Ring count: 959
Weight: 130g
All rings C260 1/2 hard brass, .032" - .062"

  • European 6 in 1
  • B²+1
  • Three Quarters Persian Sheet
  • One And A Half Persian

Chainmail Chess Set #2 Rook
Ring count: 736
Weight: 92g
All rings C260 1/2 hard brass, .032" - .048"

  • Staggered Captive Inverted Round Sheet (C1)
  • Voodoo

This isn't the only set you can view over at:


Great !!!


Cool !!!

phishcake5 wrote:

Well, you know how much we enjoy videos in here..

..really wish we could embed the vids right into the posts.  One of the mountain bike forums I frequent is capable of this and they have been around way longer then, but I'm no programmer so have no clue about the "issues" behind it.

You CAN embed them.  I do it all the time.

Here's your last one, for example:


How does it work ?


Something like this might of kept me out of a fair amount of mischief once upon a time.

If your a legolocker or just mildly curious about these pieces there is a story here:

phishcake5 wrote:

"You CAN embed them.  I do it all the time.

Here's your last one, for example:"

Thats weird the first couple of times it just came up as script (what happened the time I tried to embed one) but now walla!  Thanx qixel.  And eric if you were listening...forgive me. 

It does come up as script the first time you save and preview.  Then go into edit mode to make sure everything is looking good, and you will get a place holder.  At that point you can submit it.


i still don´t know how to embed ...Embarassed

joaoporto wrote:

i still don´t know how to embed ...

Go over to YouTube and copy all the embed code for the video onto your clipboard. (The embed code is located in the box on the right side of the page.)

Then paste it into your post over here.

Then hit "save & preview".

Then hit the edit button to make sure you have a video placeholder.

Then hit "Submit your comment".


Where do we go from here? you might be asking yourself.  I don't know but thought it might fun to do kind of a villain/hero series.  Here we go, ready?