The Day I Defeated Paul Morphy


So I just found this game on my archives in which I reached a position with only one game on's database: Paul Morphy vs Emmanuel Rosseau. I've been willing to post it on the forums since then, but the game got lost on my history and just today I summoned the energy to dig for it.

The bad news for me is that I was on the side opposing Paul Morphy in a game that he won. Oh, snap. When I realized, on move 7, the trouble I had put myself in, my first thought was to quickly divert from the game and get a different position asap. Instead, I decided to follow along and see how I would fare against Morphy.

It turns out that on move 11 I decided to develop my knight instead of tucking my king in, and the rest is history. The last half of the game is far less brilliant than the first (copied) one, I admit -- actually, the contrast is quite embarassing. BUT I DON'T CARE BECAUSE THIS IS HOW I WON AGAINST PAUL MORPHY Laughing.

Here's the game. The variatoin is Morphy's original game. I didn't engine-check the game, so let me know what you think of 11...Nf6.


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